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The Bear Essentials Outdoors Co.

Field Sharpener Wallets

Field Sharpener Wallets

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Our Bear Essentials Field Sharpers are the perfect ultralight way of maintaining an edge on your blades in the field. 

Each comes in Our Handmade Genuine Leather Wallets - with an innovative feature - the flesh side out (on the back) so it serves as a honing strop! 

Diamond Sharpeners do not need oil, and are up to 5 times faster sharpening than an oil stone, or wet stone.

This Kit comes with

1) Sharpener Wallet (with Built in Strop)

2) 2X Dual Grit Diamond Sharpeners

3) Burlap Sack and Instructions

About the Sharpening Stones:

The Medium Grit 200/600 Diamond Grit is when your blades are fairly dull, and are in need of some honing. 

The Fine Grit 400/1000 Diamond Grit is perfect for honing the final touch ups on your blade

The design and shape is intended for easy handling - for use with your Axe or Knife. And very maneuverable to fine hone any knife with skill.


Wallet With 2x Sharpeners inside:

Wallet: 4.2” X 2.9” X 0.25”

Weight: 69 grams / 2.4 ounce

Field Sharpeners (each):

3” x 1.75” x 0.045” (1.2mm)

25g / 0.8 ounce


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The thought behind it

Our Unique Design


The Leather Wallet is stitched with the backside flesh exposed. So you can use the back of your wallet as a strop!
The 2X Sharpening Stones
come in dual diamond grit - medium 200/600 and fine 400/1000. To handle all types of blades. It features a unique shape which allows for various sharpening angles, and an improved grip.
The Bear Paw Tin Is our iconic bushcraft tin, you can keep your wallet in there, or turn it into a survival tin, firestarting kit, or make charcloth!

Tech Specs

Sharpening Stone:

Weight: 25g -(0.8 oz)
Size: 3”X1.75” (Credit Card Size)

Grit: 200/600 and 400/1000 Grit

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