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The Bear Essentials Outdoors Co.

Waxed Canvas Bucksaw Sleeve

Waxed Canvas Bucksaw Sleeve

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A waxed canvas case to hold The Original Bucksaw.

With an environmentally friendly beeswax finish, this  sleeve is rugged, functional, and durable. 

Available in two sizes dependant on the type of saw you'd like to put in.

A 22" Sleeve and 24" Sleeve. 

Waxed canvas is water resistant and very hardy. 

It’s relatively light weight, coming in at 150grams (0.3lbs)

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About the Sleeve

Our Unique Design

Tech Specs

• Fits the 21" Bear Essentials Bucksaw perfectly.
•Will fit any collapsible saw that’s length is 23” or less.
LARGE SLING (25” Saw Pouch)
• Fits the 24" Bear Essentials Bucksaw perfectly.
•Will fit any collapsible saw that’s length is 25” or less.
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━• 100% Hand Made in Canada
• Heavy Duty 12oz (BeesWaxed) Waxed Canvas
• 150Grams - (0.3LBS)

Care Instructions

Longer term storage for the canvas should be in a dry place. Although protected by beeswax, any wet storage for prolonged periods may cause some mildew buildup regardless.
Washing is not recommended, as it will remove the beeswax finish. But if you want to remove a stain etc, then soap and water will do the trick for a wash.
The leather accessories will age and naturally darken when exposed to UV over time. This is natural and adds to the rugged look of the canvas. To maintain the leathers if they ever get dry, use our Bucksaw Butter wax, a leather conditioner, or any other beeswax based wax to maintain it’s suppleness as the years pass.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our products and craft them to last a lifetime, hoping to leave you with something you can buy once, and pass on to future generations.

Our canvas goods come with a lifetime warranty, which includes any manufacturing defects which compromise the structural integrity of the product from the manufacturing process.

This does not include damage through general use, which is expected over time.


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