Gear To Last a Lifetime

The highest quality Canadian made outdoors gear.

We specialize in hand crafting traditional gear for the modern outdoorsman. We don’t mess around with fancy add-ons that you don’t need. We focus on quality, durability, and functionality. Just the stuff you need to get the job done effectively. Just the Bear Essentials.


Our Beginnings..

The first prototype saws were made with my Grampa Norman. He taught me about woodworking, and more importantly about life itself.
-DJ, Founder

The Original Bucksaw - The Bear Essentials Outdoors Co., Bucksaw Only, Standard Bucksaw Engraving,

This is what we call

Functional Art

Our designs and craft is something we can be proud of both physically and visually.

Family is

Our Philosophy

We try to embody the Canadian spirit of treating people like family. Customer service is at the forefront of our company. After all, it’s our supporters who made this all possible.

  • Made to Last a Lifetime

    Quality Gear should be something you can use and make memories with, then pass it down to future generations.

  • Gear That's Functional

    Gear that not only looks amazing, but works amazing.

  • It Gives Back More Than it Takes!

    We strive to do good in this world. Supporting local causes, artists, and charities.

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