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In (almost all) cases there have been NO additional unexpected CUSTOMS or DUTIES associated with shipping the Bucksaws. If you think your country does have them, please send me an email to discuss options.

How do I care for my saw?

The saws are finished in Tung Oil. It is recommended to re-coat your saw regularly. We also sell Bucksaw Butter - which is a Beeswaxed Based wax to coat your saw in periodically. It adds a layer of protection and keeps it looking nice. 

Do I need to use Wax or Bucksaw Butter on it?

No, you absolutely do not need to, but it would be recommended. A wax provides an extra coating to extend the life and condition of your Bucksaw and the leather straps. It will help protect it from the elements, and if you choose, you can wax your saw once per season.

How do I care for the blade?

Always store the blade dry. If using the saw in wet conditions, simply wipe the blade dry before storage. If you regularly wax or oil your blades they will likely never rust. Proper care must be used though. Although the blades have a rustproof coating, a surface layer may accumulate if stored wet. If this should happen, you may use a razor, sharp edge, or sandpaper to scrape off the superficial rust. 

How tight do I wind up the saw?

This is one of the most common questions. Each saw may require a slightly different number of rotations to reach that “sweet spot” and after time the Paracord may require an extra twist compared to a newly tensioned one.

A short answer would be in the neighbourhood of 10 rotations. Tighten the windlass until there is minimal play in the handles and the blade feels snug. If the blade remains rigid while sawing it is set up correctly. Do not over tighten the windlass from here as this may result in compromising the integrity of the handles or windlass.

If the blade bends and flexes while sawing you need to tighten the windlass further to add more tension.

Can I leave the saw tightened fully?

After use, you should unwind the windlass at lease 3-4 revolutions so the Paracord doesn't stretch out. If you forget to de-tension your saw, it will be fine, but try to practice proper housekeeping in order to keep it working properly for the long term.  

What happens if the Windlass Snaps?

The Windlass is reinforced with a brass insert for additional strength, however there is always a chance of it breaking. If it should happen in the field, untie the two Paracord strings, then tie them together as one. You can insert a sturdy stick in place of the windlass and wind that stick up until it tensions the blade. This will give your saw some use until you get home. I’ll happily send over a replacement, just reach out to me and let me know what happened!

What are the dimensions of the saw?

The saw blade is 21”, the total length is just shy of 22” and approximately 10” tall. When collapsed it is 22” by about 3”

Being made completely out of wood, is it heavy?

No! It’s actually extremely light. Anywhere from 450-650 grams. That’s as little as 1lb-1.3lbs.

The saws are each handmade from walnut and mahogany kiln dried lumber, therefore each saw’s finished weight will vary slightly according to the unique characteristics of the wood chosen.

Can I leave it out in the rain/snow/sun

It’s not recommended, but if it happens for a night then the saw will be just fine. Just remember to un-tension the windlass after use, then dry off the blade before collapsing it. Wet storage will eventually rust the blade. 

If you leave the saw outdoors in the elements for extended periods of time, it is considered misuse and may void your warranty.

 What type of blade is on the saw

We use a 21” Bahco Dry wood blade.

You can purchase a replacement blade from us or from a local Bahco dealer.

What is replaceable on the saw?

  • the 21” Bahco Dry Wood Blade
  • 1” brass Chicago Screws
  • 550 paracord tensioning string
  • Leather securing straps 
  • Windlass

How do I change the blade?

If you're in the field, insert a flathead from your multi tool, the point of a knife (one that you don’t mid dulling of course) or anything that fits into the slotted screw. Replace the blade and screw it back on.

My blade bent, now it won’t fold into the saw.

If the blade bends from a tree pinching it, you can warp it back into shape with pliers, but unless it’s perfectly straight it will never cut as well as it once did, and may be hard to slide back into it’s handles. 

Replacement blades are inexpensive, it is recommended to change the blade out should this happen.

Can I use the saw in the winter?

Yes, you can actually use it year round. Just make sure to store it dry if possible. 

Can two people use it in tandem?

Yes, the best technique is each person focuses on pulling. It works quite well.

How thick of a log can I cut?

Well, that’s a matter of technique. You have 5.5” of clearance on the blade but if you cut at various angles you can achieve double that. 11” thick.

Is the case completely waterproof?

The case is made of waxed canvas. It’s fairly water resistant but if you leave it in the soaking rain for long periods of time eventually water will seep in. 

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