About The Founder

Hi! My name is DJ and I’m the founder of The Bear Essentials Outdoors Co. In the interest of getting to know me, here’s a bit about who I am, what I stand for, and what I’m trying to do:

By career, I’m a Firefighter. It’s a calling I’ve had my entire life and my way of being able to help people.

At heart, I’m an outdoorsman and you can find me camping, hiking or fishing every opportunity I can.

By trade, I’m a Fly Fishing guide. I spend many summers (now vacation time) guiding in the Yukon wilderness.

And these are my Bucksaws. A passion project that started as a way to spend more time with my grandfather - in his garage we developed and worked on crafting something useful for my close friends. Since then, these saws have become my passion and in the interest of the outdoors enthusiast, I’m trying to develop a company that stands for something good. Specifically, I use the company as a vehicle to support local causes I believe in. Profits that don’t go into generating new products will be put into restoration and environmental causes close to my heart. That’s my plan and so far all my supporters have helped me take the first step. Thank you to everyone who believes in the product, both present and future. 


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