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Leather Patch With Field Sharpener Mod

Leather Patch With Field Sharpener Mod

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Sharpener Grit

A High Quality Leather Patch. Stitched with a secret pocket to hold the Bear Essentials Field Sharpener securely inside!!

It comes with a Velcro backing attachable anywhere you have an existing velcro patch, or if you want to sew one on, the patches come with a removable backing for that purpose.

Comes complete with your choice of Diamond Grit Sharpener. 

Medium Grit: 200/600


Fine Grit: 400/1000

Size:  3.5" X 2" 


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The thought behind it

Our Unique Design


The Leather Patch is stitched with a secret slot on the backside to hold our diamond grit sharpening files.
The Sharpening Stone
is located on the inside of the mask and features either a 400/1000 diamond grit, or a 200/600. Your Choice! It’s made of thin iron, to be sturdy yet lightweight. It features a unique shape which allows for various sharpening angles, and an improved grip.
The Back Side is a stitched velcro, allowing you to attach it to your existing velcro on your pack, hat, or garment, OR allowing you to sew on the velcro pad that comes with it.

Tech Specs

Sharpening Stone:

Weight: 18g -(0.6 oz)
Size: 3”X1.75” (Credit Card Size)

Grit: 400/1000 Grit or 200/600

Care Instructions

For best results, use our Bucksaw Butter wax, a leather conditioner, or any beeswax based wax on the leather to maintain it’s suppleness as the years pass.

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