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The Bear Essentials Knot Tying Kit - [Camping Knots Edition]

The Bear Essentials Knot Tying Kit - [Camping Knots Edition]

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Designed and illustrated by DJ


🌲The 10 Best Outdoors Knots: The Bowline Knot, The Taut Line Hitch, The Clove Hitch, The Canadian Jam Knot, The Double Fishermans Bend, The Rolling Hitch, The Prusik, The Alpine Butterfly, The Square Lashing, The Tripod Lashing + Many Many More via our Scannable QR code! See more on our Blog: Knot Tying Steps

🌲 Credit Card-sized Knot Guide: So you can easily reference how to tie each knot while at your campsite. 

🌲 Official Practice Ropes: Official B.E. Practice Ropes in Green and Orange, so you can follow along with every YouTube video Tutorial AND Knot card! 

🌲 Bear Paw Aluminum Tin: The Iconic Bear Paw Tin - for True Outdoors Enthusiasts - Use this to store your knot-tying guide, fire-making tools, tinder, first aid kit, or Charcloth! 

🌲 Bear Essentials Outdoors Co. Commitment: We're dedicated to offering not just products, but also knowledge. Our kit is a reflection of our commitment to sharing knowledge, quality, durability, and the outdoor lifestyle.


🌲Credit Card-sized Knot Guide + Larger At-Home Guide: So you can easily reference how to tie each knot while at your campsite AND keep a second larger card to review at home. Perfect for those who require glasses or just want to double up on their cards! They are 5" X 3" in Size!

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🌲Scan the QR Code on the Back:

To view our Easy-to-Follow Knot Tying Tutorials on Youtube and download them offline on your phone! This includes all the knots on the card plus dozens more!

Check out the Bear Essentials Blog on these knots as well: Bear Essentials Knot Tying Tutorials

🌲WHERE to use each knot and HOW to TIE them:

Our very first page shows a camp setup which shows WHICH KNOTto use and WHERE to use it!! Each page then shows in step-by-step illustrations HOW to tie them.

🌲Quality Materials from a Real Expert:

Everything we make is made with purpose. The Knot card is lightweight and durable for outdoor practical use. The Ropes are made the perfect thickness and colour, the best you can practice tying with and exactly what we use in our Video Tutorials. The Tin is a practical and useful case, not some plastic one that you'll just throw out or is cheaply made.

🌲 Learn, Practice, Master:

It's not just about tying knots; it's about building skills that last a lifetime. Our kit makes a fantastic gift for anyone passionate about the outdoors. From young scouts to experienced outdoors lovers it's a gift that educates, engages, and endures.