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SPECIAL EDITION: Axe Mask + Collar

SPECIAL EDITION: Axe Mask + Collar

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Our Collaboration with Britt from FreakOfNature!

She's hand tooled these incredible designs! Only one of each available!


  • Gransfors Bruk - Small Forest Axe
  • Gransfors Bruk - Scandinavian Foret Axe

If you want to purchase JUST a sharpener, click HERE


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The thought behind it

Our Unique Design


The Leather Mask is designed for a snug fit on your Axe. With a thick welt to protect your blade and maintain it’s edge. Made from genuine Veg-Tan Leather.
The Sharpening Stone
is located on the inside of the mask and features a 400/1000 diamond grit. It’s made of thin iron, to be sturdy yet lightweight. It features a unique shape which allows for various sharpening angles, and an improed grip.
The Strike Collar is made of a thicker leather to protect your axe handle from misses and overstrikes. It comes with a black leather lace to fit to your axe neck.

Tech Specs

Small Forest Axe (19"): 
Mask: 75g - (2.6 oz)
Sharpening Stone: 18g -(0.6 oz)
Strike Collar: 20g - (0.7 oz)

Scandinavian Forest Axe (25"): 
Mask: 90g - (3.2 oz)
Sharpening Stone: 18g -(0.6 oz)
Strike Collar: 20g - (0.7 oz)
Sharpening Stone:
Size: 3”X1.75” (Credit Card Size)• Weight: 400/1000 Grit 18g -(0.6 oz)

Care Instructions

For best results, use our Bucksaw Butter wax, a leather conditioner, or any beeswax based wax on the leather to maintain it’s suppleness as the years pass.
The Strike Collar is made to take abuse that would otherwise damage the neck of your axe. It will degrade over time and shouldnt be expected to last forever.


Dry off a wet saw / blade prior to storage.

When not in use, leave the string de-tentioned.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our products and craft them to last a lifetime, hoping to leave you with something you can buy once, and pass on to future generations.

Our Axe Masks come with a lifetime warranty, which includes any manufacturing defects which compromise the structural integrity of the mask from the manufacturing process.

This does not include damage through general use, which is expected over time.


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